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We’re on the lookout for creative fundraisers who, despite the current situation, can think of imaginative ways of raising funds for Trust House.


Perhaps you’re an aspiring Victoria Coren-Mitchell or Alexander Armstrong and can host a charity, online quiz.


Maybe you yearn to emulate the impressive feats of Colonel Tom Moore and do sponsored laps around your garden or a socially distant run.


When all current restrictions are lifted, perhaps you’d ‘like’ to do a sponsored parachute or bungee jump to support Trust House Lancashire?


If that’s too extreme and sedate is more your pace and you see yourself as a potential Great British Bake Off champion, how about a cake sale?


Whatever you can do to raise extra funds to help us, help our clients would be more than welcome.


We also are happy to be sponsored by business. This can be a great way for organisations to benefit from a relationship with a charity and the benefits that brings.


If you’re thinking of fundraising for Trust House, in whatever capacity, please complete our contact us form or email 

Our CEO Catherine Smith is aiming to raise £10,000 for Trust House Lancashire. Cath is going to be running two marathons this year, one in October and one in December.
Cath has wrote her story below and why she is doing this. It would be incredible if you can support her in reaching her target.

To make a donation and Support Cath please click on the link

I’ve set myself a really ambitious fundraising target this year.  £10,000 for Trust House Lancashire.  Trust House is a fantastic organisation that supports hundreds of the most amazing and brave individuals every year, to recover from the impact of rape or sexual assault and abuse.  I’m extremely proud to work for them.

I’d intended on aiming for my usual £1000 fundraising but this year feels significant for me, my fellow female runners and for all our mental health that has to some degree been challenged for us all during the last year.  This year running, mental health and the work that we do at Trust House has never been so significantly intertwined.  I’m doing 2 marathons too, so at the very least I need to double my efforts!!

There’s a little more to it than that though. Lock-down has reminded us all how fragile our mental health is and I’ve remembered just recently that this year is my 10th Year of running too, so that also makes it a special year for my mental health because In 2011, I found myself depressed much more so than usual, to such a degree that I was fearful of what I might do.  I felt I couldn’t trust myself and went to the doctor for anti-depressants.  They helped and when I was feeling better and safer I realised that I needed to do something else that was positive and that would support my mental health other than take medication.  I started running.  I did Race for Life in 2011 and didn’t stop, I joined a women’s running group and running became a regular part of my life. It’s now my gauge, When I’m well I run.  When I run I’m well.  It’s my measure and its my medicine.  It’s been with me for 10 years now hence £10000, and I ditched the anti-depressants after a year.  Mental Health isn’t easy and I don’t want to suggest its as simple as this for me or anyone, to be honest it’s not.  It’s hard work to stay well but for me running really helps me.  In the last year of lock-down I wanted to celebrate how important running is in many people’s lives when mental health has been such a  challenge.

The second link I want to make connects with women and running and the work that we do at Trust House.  Runners World have recently raised the issue of sexual harrassment of women whilst running.  60% of women surveyed reported that they’d experienced harrassment whilst running with 6% of those surveyed having been fearful for their lives. Many women told their stories and it makes difficult reading especially when you know that running should be an escape from the stressors and pressures of  everyday life.  Thank you Runners World for highlighting this, particularly as there are so many people that have turned to running in lock-down it should be a safe activity for any of us to do.  Please support Runners World  ‘Reclaim your Run’ campaign.

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