Become a “Champion” of Trust House Lancashire and help provide support for survivors of any kind of sexual violence to recover from their experience of abuse. Trust House is the only specialist sexual violence provider based in Lancashire for men, women and children aged 4+.


The “Champion” scheme is a new initiative and our objective is to grow a network of like-minded supporters who want to help make a difference.


Without the continued support of individuals, Companies and groups of friends, like you, funding our vital services becomes more challenging.


The income you provide is NOT for premises or admin. It will go directly towards providing support for our service users. 


A testimonial – young person:

“Trust House have helped me see better ways to approach situations. When I first went to Trust House, I hadn’t left the house in 6 months – now I go to London on my own. 

They’ve helped a lot especially with my anxiety.

Trust House helped me understand that I can have friends who aren’t going to hurt me”.


A testimonial – adult:

“When I came I was in a bad place. Through counselling at Trust House I was able to talk openly about and gain insight to my demons and reduce my guilt and self-blame. I was able to process and accept my past.

Thank you for giving me the confidence to be myself and be part of my family again”.


If you are reading this I am hoping you are interested in supporting the work we do – at whatever level you feel suits you.


Support can be from an individual, group of friends, or indeed a company wishing to fulfil their corporate social responsibility.


Why don’t you contact me for a chat – I’d love to hear from you and in advance thank you for your interest. – 07809 330137

If you would like to support us, please donate here: