Trust House Lancashire is a Specialist Rape and Sexual Assault Support Centre based in Preston and working across the county to deliver a range of services to support survivors of any kind of sexual violence to recover from their experience of abuse.


Trust House was established in 2013 with funding awarded to The Survivors Trust who project managed the setup of Trust House. This was in recognition of the gap in specialist provision across the county, and to offer a range of services to survivors in Lancashire. Service delivery commenced in April 2014 and this last year has seen us complete our fifth year of service delivery.


Trust House delivers a range of services to men, women, children from aged 4 years and their families;
• Counselling
• Play Therapy
• Art Therapy
• Pre-trial Therapy
• Family Support
• Parent Peer Support Group
• Creative Wellbeing Group
• Training
• Volunteer Placement Opportunities


Trust House is committed to empowering survivors and their supporters to work through and beyond their experience of abuse. We recognize the uniqueness of individual experience, and appreciate that each experience demands an individual and creative response.


We support working in ways that;
• Recognize human dignity
• Appreciate the variety of human experience
• Demonstrate a commitment to showing justice in dealing with others
• Encourage continual development and improvement of professional knowledge.


Until 2014 there was limited specialist support available to survivors of sexual violence and abuse in Lancashire.
Trust House was established by a Ministry of Justice grant in recognition of this gap in specialist provision. Since April 2014 Trust House has seen an increasing number of survivors of rape and sexual assault seek their support. Many of those coming to Trust House are seeking support for the first time and have never disclosed or reported previously.


We are able to understand the therapeutic needs of individuals that have experienced a high level of trauma as a result of sexual violence whilst also able to successfully navigate complex criminal justice processes in a way that holds clients and ensures their resilience at a time of immense distress.


Our successful establishment over our first few years has led to our independent registration with the charity commission in October 2017, and a transition to an independent CIO over the last 18 months.

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